New VPS IPv6 as an alternative to IPv4

20 oct 2022
By System
Continuing the previous topic about the "Global shortage of IPv4 IP addresses", we decided to develop and offer separate VPS tariffs with support only for the IPv6 Internet protocol. This allowed us to provide the opportunity to use the service at an affordable price. We are forced to state the fact that data centers raise prices for each v4 IP address. All this is happening against the backdrop of a global shortage of IP addresses and a massive increase in energy prices.

We are always trying to find solutions for our client, because IPv6 is a great alternative to IPv4, the future is behind it, and v4 IP addresses are physically “not enough for everyone” as the number of devices in the world increases exponentially every day.

It is worth noting that one of the disadvantages is the slow transition of Internet providers to the new v6 protocol, which does not allow end users to start using this network to the fullest. You can check IPv6 support at (or on other Internet services).

You can get acquainted and order the service by the link:

Our company is negotiating with the data center regarding prices for v4 IP addresses, but they have already officially announced a gradual price increase in the near future. For our part, we try to make affordable prices as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of services.

Best regards, IPHOSTER OÜ team