End of support for ISPmanager 5

06 jun 2021
By System
ISPsystem is no longer supporting ISPmanager 5.
In this connection, unfortunately, from June 14, 2021, it will no longer be possible to renew existing licenses for this control panel. Therefore, in order for this control panel to work until the end of the year, it must be extended until the above date.

What happened?

ISPsystem presented a new licensing scheme with a limited number of domains for a certain type of license:
License type Lite - the limit is up to 10 domains, the price will be $10, Pro - the limit is up to 50 domains, the price is $15, Host - no limit, $20.

What are the ways to solve this problem?

First: until June 14, 2021, it is possible to renew existing licenses, which will work until December 31, 2021 (unfortunately, it will not be possible to change the ip licenses), that is, licenses can be extended until the end of the current year. For our part, we are ready to provide the maximum discount! Thus, this issue will be postponed for a while.

Second: It is possible to change the control panel, for example to DirectAdmin, where the price remains the same as now for ISPmanager, or even switch to the free control panel HestiaCP, BrainyCP, Fastpanel - we are ready to take over the transfer of all your projects.