• dot-com$9.90
  • dot-net$9.90
  • dot-org$11.50
  • dot-online$12.50


Reasonable prices and high quality!

First of all IPhoster put a focus on availability of prices, high quality and wide range of services.

Be digital up to the end!

Affiliated servers are located in Europe and pluses of this offer are obvious - very good ping, using only SSD drives, excellent response of sites, high speed of loading. Incredibly reasonable prices for virtual server VDS in combination with the latest and the most powerful processors make these tariffs extremely attractive.

people with laptop

Multi-core CPU, fast SSD disk, more RAM & IP-addresses.


  • Include unlimited traffic, raid, free upgrade

    • 7 Gb SSD Storage
    • 700 mHz (/x2 CPU)
    • 512 Mb Memory
    • 1 IP-addresses
    • 100 Mb/s Speed

    2.95$ /mo.

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  • Include unlimited traffic, raid, free upgrade

    • 15 Gb SSD Storage
    • 1250 mHz (/x4 CPU)
    • 1024 Mb Memory
    • 3 IP-addresses
    • 200 Mb/s Speed

    7.77$ /mo.

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  • Include unlimited traffic, raid, free upgrade

    • 30 Gb SSD Storage
    • 2000 mHz (/x6 CPU)
    • 2048 Mb Memory
    • 5 IP-addresses
    • 300 Mb/s Speed

    14.44$ /mo.

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Blazing fast performance

Latest Hardware

We use only the latest Hardware, which is updated every 3-4 years.

Friendly panel

Convenient control panel, in which you can online reboot the server and install the operating system.

Best high-availability SSD VPS with powerful features

  • Auto reboot

    Make reboot online

  • Reinstalling

    Operating System Change

  • Uptime

    High availability uptime

  • Privacy

    Your fully privacy

  • Anonymity

    Use for VPN

  • Monitoring

    Load monitoring

  • Price

    Low cost price

  • Max Speed Server

    Using high speed

    • Выделенный IP-адрес - 1 шт.

      0.5$ /mo.

    • Installatron

      Powerful yet impeccably clean and simple, Installatron Plugin makes it easier than ever for even the most inexperienced website owners to deploy, use, and maintain web applications.

      4$ /mo.

    • Блок из 8 IP адресов

      4$ /mo.

  • We will install the operating system

    Do not worry, we will install the operating system, just make an order and wait for data access to the server that will already be online!

    Supported Operating Systems:
    • Centos 6 32-bit
    • Centos 6 64-bit
    • Centos 7 32-bit
    • Centos 7 64-bit
    • Arch Linux 64-bit
    • Debian 7 32-bit
    • Debian 7 64-bit
    • Debian 8 32-bit
    • Debian 8 64-bit
    • Fedora 24 64-bit
    • Fedora 25 64-bit
    • FreeBSD 10
    • FreeBSD 11
    • CloudLinux 6/7
    • Ubuntu 14 64-bit
    • Ubuntu 16 64-bit
    • Ubuntu 17 64-bit
    • ownCloud 7/8
    • Xubuntu 14
    • OpenSUSE 13
    • OpenSUSE 42
    • Gentoo 2017
    • Windows Server
    • Windows Standart
    • WebMin - Unix Admin

      Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more.


    • VestaCP (Recommended)

      We recommend use VestaCP for beginners and budget. The panel has a lot of useful functions such as setting up domains, dns records, email, databases, cron and much more.


    • DirectAdmin

      The DirectAdmin control panel has 3 levels of management: Admin, Reseller, User. The control panel has many features and advantages, while the control panel is very easy to use.

      5$ /mo.

    • cPanel / WHM

      The control panel cPanel has 3 levels of control, Root, Reseller, User. This product is suitable most for advanced users, has a huge number of functions and tremendous flexibility.

      15$ /mo.