Dedicated server rental

Станьте императором сети интернет!

- Complete flexibility and individuality

- Ability to order dedicated IPs

- Remote server management

- High and guaranteed uptime

- Initial setup help

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Timely payment for services is the smooth operation of your projects. Enter your mobile number and be aware of the end of the terms of your services.


Get the most bang for your buck with unlimited bandwidth and PCI-E NVMe SSDs up to 7x faster than conventional HDDs.

Additional IPs

Order up to 128 IP addresses for each server, use this network to build your own Internet infrastructure.

Server control

Manage the server remotely, reboot and reinstall the server, start in rescue mode, change ptr records, custom templates, IPMI and more.

Cheap price

We carry out various promotions and discounts, providing each user with affordable prices for the services of dedicated servers, and for each client this is an opportunity not to overpay.

Operating systems

У процесі замовлення та протягом усього часу експлуатації кожен клієнт вибирає доступні OS: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, Windows.

Configure Raid

Do not be frivolous about duplicating data, at least to another disk. We strongly recommend choosing a server with raid support, or even better with the ability to clone to a remote server.

Your infrastructure

Design, scale, develop, build - everything is in your hands! Your dedicated server is your digital fortress, be digital to the end!

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