Update resources: VPS KVM NVMe SSD

12 may 2019
By System
Dear partners andguests,

We are pleased to announce that there has been a hardware upgrade, a replacement for more innovative, more sustainable and more reliable (although the quality has always been very high, as we strive for excellence).

The solution to this task gave us the opportunity to provide new and existing customers with even more resources, but for the same money!

What has been changed?

Tariff plan,
SSD-KVM-XS - added +2 GB SSD disk space,
SSD-KVM-S - added +3 GB SSD disk space,
from SSD-KVM-M to SSD-KVM-XL - added +5 GB SSD disk space.

In addition to the increase in disk quota, the CPU was added,
tariff plans from SSD-KVM-S to SSD-KVM-XL, added +1 CPU.

Recall that we now use WDC CL SN720 discs, which were introduced by Western Digital in 2019. These drives are focused on data centers for continuous operation 24 hours and 7 days a week, and of course they support the NVMe protocol.