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Frequently asked questions about domains?

Why do I need a domain name?
You want to create a new site, but in order for Internet visitors to find it, your site needs a Home Address, in other words "Domain Name". For example: does your house need an address ?! Likewise, your site needs a "Domain Name". Without a domain name, Internet users will not be able to find your site.
DNS servers will serve as a link between Domain Registration and Hosting services, VPS or Dedicated Server (optional). For example: we already have preconfigured dns-servers,, that is, they are directed to the servers of the "Hosting" service, and if you specify the dns-server data for the newly registered domain, then in this way you create a shortcut, direct the domain name to the Hosting server (where you will upload your files in the future).
This procedure usually takes from 10 minutes to 12 hours. After placing and paying for the order, the domain must be registered, and the record must appear in the whois database registry. This time depends on the speed of information exchanged between whois databases and dns servers of Internet providers.
Each client, registering a domain name, specifies his personal data, such as last name, first name, patronymic, address, phone number, email, other data (these are the necessary rules established by the administrators of domain zones), the Privacy Protection service provides the ability to hide his personal data from public viewing through the database whois data, which is publicly available.
Cheap price

Our automated system analyzes the data and will offer you the best price! And as a loyalty and even greater savings, we are always happy to provide a domain name for customers who order hosting services.

Domain transfer

Not satisfied with the quality of the service provider? Not a problem! Just a couple of clicks and the domain name will be transferred to our service. To activate this process, simply go to the Domain Transfer tab, then follow the instructions.

Domain management

With a domain manager, fully control dns servers, manage child names, change personal data (domain owner), order additional services, and much more.

Protection services

Theft Protection - this function protects against unauthorized transfer and "hijacking" of the domain, and with the Privacy Protection service, you can be sure that all your personal data that was specified during domain registration will be hidden.

IDN Support

With the help of our verification system, you can register a domain name with support in the IDN zone, or in the national alphabet of your country or region.

Quick registration

Just enter the desired domain name and the system will check in the whois database, if the domain is available, a quick checkout form will be offered. When checking one domain, you will immediately see the result of checking in other zones.

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