Expanding disk space for HOST- *

31 may 2021
By System
Dear partners, guests and like-minded people,

we are pleased to announce that after analyzing the hosting market and conducting an audit on the servers, we decided to increase the disk space limit for all new HOST- * tariff plans, old and new tariffs, comparison.

Tariff - old limit - new limit

HOST-S - 3072 MB - 5120 MB
HOST-M - 5120 MB - 7168 MB
HOST-L - 7168 MB - 10240 MB
HOST-XL - 10240 MB - 15360 MB
HOST-XXL - 15360 MB - 20480 MB

We remind you that we use Western Digital CL SN720 NVMe ultra-fast drives, our policy remains unchanged, we strive to provide high quality services at an affordable price.

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UPDATE: 22 mar 2021, 18:06: Fire in the OVH SBG3 data center

10 mar 2021
By System
Приветствуем уважаемые клиенты!

Сегодня ночью мы получили трагические известия с датацентра OVH SBG2 где случился пожар, где расположены наши сервера и сайты клиентов. С данной новостью можно ознакомится по ссылке: https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/faits-divers-justice/une-centaine-de-pompiers-mobilises-sur-l-incendie-d-un-data-center-a-strasbourg-1615355179

Были затронуты следующие сервера: dasthr, reseller, kvmone, kvmsix, kvmfrq. Новости с датацетра таковы, что в ближайшие сутки не следует ждать восстановления работы датацентра и поэтому в данный момент мы работаем над восстановлением данных с резервного хранилища, мы просим соблюдать спокойствие и набраться терпения, мы делаем все возможное чтобы данные были восстановлены. Для сервера reseller мы не включали в тарифный план бэкап данных, так как будущие хостеры должны были позаботиться об этом самостоятельно.

Обновление информации с датацентра: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=49484

UPDATE: 11 mar 2021, 09:27. Сервера для хостинга dasthr успешно был восстановлен из резервного хранилища. reseller, kvmone, kvmsix, kvmfrq - находились в SBG3, данные сервера не были повреждены от пожара, ждем действий по восстановлению доступа от датацентра.

UPDATE: 22 mar 2021, 18:06. На данный момент сервера reseller, kvmone, kvmsix, kvmfrq были включены сотрудниками датацентра для скачивание бэкапов. Для серверов kvmone, kvmsix, kvmfrq есть возможность полностью восстановить с сохранением всех настроек до 10 марта 2021 года. Так как некоторые сервера были созданы с нуля просим всех желающих создать запрос на восстановление VM.

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Happy new year 2021!

31 dec 2020
By System
Dear clients, partners and like-minded people, our team is happy to congratulate you on the upcoming year 2021! Please accept our most sincere wishes! May the new year bring you smiles, positive and inspiration! May dreams come true, may the impossible become possible, may hearts be filled with joy, we wish you good health, true success and full motivation!

Always be happy! Happy New Year!

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New OS versions CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

10 may 2020
By System
We have added new versions of the operating systems CentOS-8-amd64, Debian-10-x86_64, Ubuntu-18.04-amd64, Ubuntu-20.04-amd64 for clients using the VPS (virtual server) service.

In order to install a new version of the operating system, go to VMmanager, select your VM and click on the Reinstall button.

IMPORTANT !!! After this operation, all data will be erased, so before changing the operating system you should backup the data!

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Happy New Year!

31 dec 2019
By System
IPhoster team sincerely wishes everyone a Happy New Year, may there be success, prosperity and good luck next year! Let the sites work like clock, every day more and more visits, increased income and prosperity. We sincerely thank you for your confidence and interest! Let your homes be warm, comfortable and kind! Happy New Year, our dear customers!!!

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To the attention of server administrators!

12 jun 2019
By System
Welcome dear Linux Administrator!

A critical EXIM vulnerability was discovered which received code CVE-2019-10149.

More information can be obtained from official sources:


Using this vulnerability, attackers are able to gain full access to the server as root with the further execution of arbitrary code.

IMMEDIATELY (!) Upgrade Exim to version 4.92 (or higher).

Remember, you can always contact our support team for help.

with respect, IPhoster OU team

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Update resources: VPS KVM NVMe SSD

12 may 2019
By System
Dear partners andguests,

We are pleased to announce that there has been a hardware upgrade, a replacement for more innovative, more sustainable and more reliable (although the quality has always been very high, as we strive for excellence).

The solution to this task gave us the opportunity to provide new and existing customers with even more resources, but for the same money!

What has been changed?

Tariff plan,
SSD-KVM-XS - added +2 GB SSD disk space,
SSD-KVM-S - added +3 GB SSD disk space,
from SSD-KVM-M to SSD-KVM-XL - added +5 GB SSD disk space.

In addition to the increase in disk quota, the CPU was added,
tariff plans from SSD-KVM-S to SSD-KVM-XL, added +1 CPU.

Recall that we now use WDC CL SN720 discs, which were introduced by Western Digital in 2019. These drives are focused on data centers for continuous operation 24 hours and 7 days a week, and of course they support the NVMe protocol.

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