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New offer of KVM SSD with technology NVMe

Welcome dear friends, like-minded, partners!
We are announcing the long-awaited release of VPS KVM, the advantages are obvious, our team is ready to provide the best conditions:

- KVM virtualization - a full guarantee of obtaining resources;
- the use of SSD disks with NVMe technology;
- possibility to add additional IP addresses;
- multi-core processors, depending on the tariff;
- connection to VNC, ISO image, online reinstallation;
- tracking statistics, loads, visits, etc;
- the ability to create snapshots;
- automatic backup by our forces, to a remote location;
- guaranteed Internet channel;
- flexible tariffs and instant activation.

New tariffs are presented: https://iphoster.net/tarifs?vid=vds

IPhoster primarily focuses on the availability of its prices, high quality and a wide range of services provided!

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